Hello, beautifully perfect gorgeously amazing friend! My name is Robyn and this is my simblr. I'm fourteen and live in the United States of America. I am currently learning how to make poses and custom content from my Sims 3 game and if anyone has any helpful advice I would absolutely love some concerning techniques and great programs to use. I've been playing The Sims since I was eight or nine years old and I can't think of any other game that even comes close and in all honesty, I'm just adding more words in order to fill the box as I feel it looks a bit cray if it isn't filled.


i was simblr valentine for supersensualistic-sims, yay happy valentine’s day lovely!  i made you a few little things to dress your sims up in since you said you do more photo sets than gameplay.  i hope you like the stuff, sorry they are kinda random and simple aheh <3

the crop top comes in two lengths and is fully recolorable (i put a pattern on it for the previews), both shorts come with a few styles as well as a recolorable one, the sweater also comes with those three styles shown and a recolorable version.  the only thing not recolorable is the mini skirt which also includes three other styles not show here (because i forgot shh).

sweater and shorts mesh by the darling jinglestartk, i only made them shorter and added some detail.  mini skirt mesh is by melody, and the crop top mesh is by all-about-style and edited by me.

you can download the files individually or all together, only .package format.  please don’t reupload to anywhere.  public download of course because love reasons!  happy valentine’s day, guys!  ^0^

~ download cupid’s mini skirt

~ download tiny crop tops

~ download baggy vintage sweater

~ download long faded shorts

~ download tiny little shorts

+ download all clothes

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